Snow !!!

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Yeah, I just noticed it. It smelled like snow earlier but I thought we were just going to get the rain.
And my dh was complaining because the temps dropped here to the mid 40s at night for the last several days! Make some snow angels for me! :)
It snowed here all day today and we probably got 2" total. We baked, had a big fire burning, and took a walk in the falling snow. It's a bit too early but it kind of put me in the Christmas spirit! I did not however, go so far as to put Christmas music on. I thought about it though...
AWWW, snow! I wish I could be there to enjoy it with you!!! It's cold here in Ga too, we are supposed to drop to 32 tonight.
Snow is posssible here also but I hope not! The leaves are still here. We had an October snow a couple years ago and it was devastating. It took 3 weeks and a lot of special equipment to get some of the power back on. Some of the poles tht had to be replaced because of fallen trees were in places the to be blunt - you can't get there from here - and I am NOT kidding. Perched on hillsides that are impossible to reach. While we still have leaves, I still have hope of leaf peepers.
We awoke yesterday and saw the tops of the Blue RIdge covered with snow. It was beautiful! BUt nothing down here in the Valley. This morning, our first hard frost.
I may have waited too long to bring my rosemary plant in...rats.