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JunieBJones (JBJ)

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May 22, 2008
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Every year we love to see all the spring flower shots from various innkeepers around the country and Canada, o/s - I will go ahead and get it started. Last week on this day we had snow and 10 degrees today 74 and blooms.
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[COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]cut n paste[/COLOR][COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)] this url http://i40.tinypic.com/2afc174.jpg [/COLOR]
Don't make me go outside and take a picture of the NEW 3" of snow...
Spring blooms my ass...
I was outside trimming some shrubs yesterday and I see all my little Iris reticulatas got blown to bits by the wind. I have a few daffodils up and the crocuses are blooming. But nothing worth a picture yet:-(
Ask me again in two months. :)
I was out this morning taking photos to post on my blog and fb page that we have fresh snow (yay!), about 5-6" on top of the 2 foot base still on the ground.




Are you tapping your tree????!! Awesome! Your little guys sure are cute!

GeorgiaGirl said:
Are you tapping your tree????!! Awesome! Your little guys sure are cute!
Thanks! (I think so, too!)
Yes, it's our second year of doing it. Last year we had the traditional buckets and lids. This year we got the tubes and plastic taps... only to discover they are cheaper, sturdier, and easier to use with the one bucket.
It's a red maple, so our syrup is very dark (as you can see in the picture) but it's fun to do.
If I had help like that I would be tapping trees too! Good job boys!!!