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Jul 23, 2008
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I just had guests here for two nights. a group of three, and one in the party repeatedly used the bathroom we have in a public area (not the one in his room) and never once washed his hands!!! GROSS!!! I disinfected everything that he could have possibly had contact with! And then the first morning after breakfast as they were getting ready to leave the third person (who has a splint on her foot) tells me she has to go to the "infectious disease control" when she gets back home (out of state). I say, really? how come? She says she has a 'staff infection' in her toe and they had to remove her toe and she is suppose to go back to make sure the infection is gone. I try to 'remain calm' but as soon as she left, I put on the rubber gloves, and "MASSIVELY CLEANED" and disinfected everything in sight .... AGAIN! I am greatful she told me though!
And these people reproduce! Lord help us!!.
Gillum, Your way with words kills me....ROTFL!!!
- Geeze, loosing a toe and I am sure the DR warned her the FOOT could be next. Yet she still traveled and with the person whom most likely gave her the infection.
Lysol = an innkeepers best friend.
We should wear them on lanyards around our necks.

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