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Sep 29, 2011
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Can someone explain why I can tag some photos with the name of the place they were taken (a restaurant for example) and other photos I cannot? In some cases, the name of the restaurant pops up in a list of places I like. In other cases all I get are random names of people I don't even know even if I like the restaurant I am trying to tag.
Does it have to do with being a 'business'? Me or the tagged place?
i am not sure about places ... i have on my personal page that you cannot tag me in photos. maybe they have tagging disabled?
I just tried to share another business photo (was a calendar, no pics, no individual names) and tag the business in the comment. No go.
Once I deleted the tag it allowed me to post the comment and the photo share. Odd isn't it!
I just played with it a bit and see what you mean. You can list a Page in the Location field of a new picture or status update. But, once that picture is posted, there is a completely different set of names that are showing up when you select the Tag feature. This is odd and I'm not sure what's happening.
I looked at the Help section and it says this, though I'm still confused about the italicized part:
How do I tag a Page in a photo?
You can tag Pages in photos similar to the way you tag friends in photos. You do not have to like a Page to tag it, but only certain kinds of Pages brands can be tagged, including brands, products and people. To tag a Page in an individual photo, you need to view it in the new photo viewer.
I tried tagging 5 different businesses in a pic and, even though I knew I was spelling them right, they would not come up. However, I could easily put them in the Location field before the post was sent and they came up fine.
Another problem- if I try to reply to someone who has made a comment, I USED to be able to select their name from a list so they would get notified that I replied to them. Now that doesn't work, either.
It was just a matter of starting to type the name and a box would show up with choices. Nada.