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May 30, 2008
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How many of you have televisions in each guest room? Do you have CRT or flat screen TVs? Do you have cable/satellite?
cable tv's in all rooms. Small to medium sized, not flat screen. If we just opened flat screens are the same price as what we paid for these ones! UGH! We would only go flat if we were new.
Guests like to at least watch the weather channel when traveling. They can turn it on if they want to or not.
One room (out of 7) has a TV. Just a regular TV, nothing fancy. I think the flat panels mounted on the wall look best, tho.
We have just one tv/dvd in common room. Plan to put flat screen in both suites we are opening.
Each of our rooms has a small (14") tv mounted to the wall with a built in DVD/CD player and connected to basic cable. Some people use them, some don't.
We have 1 TV in each room, connected to satellite. No cable where we live. Regular 20" TV's, nothing fancy, but will do the job.
Will upgrade to flat screens one at the time, starting next year.
We have cable hooked up in 2 of the 3 rooms. Was in all but had to drop one upstairs to move the service into the Library for b-i-l when he was here ( a 4th hook-up was going to cost another monthly charge so we disconnected Rosi's Room and connected the Library when it became his Hospice Room). Never moved it back upstairs. We have basic cable plus with a 19 inch in the Gillum and a 13 inch in the Harris.
All four room have 32" high def flat screen LCD wall mounted cable TV's... but then we're new. (Well, technically two of them aren't wall-mounted, but they will be by the end of next week.) I set them to the weather chanel when I flip the room.
I myself don't watch TV at all... my boys have a regular TV for watching videos.
=) Kk.
We have tv's in 3 of 5 rooms. Two are new flat screens with dvd players built in. We got them at the first of the year.
We have the 15" flat screen TVs mounted on the walls on brackets that allow them to swing and tilt in each of our staterooms, and one big, flat TV in our common area. For now, we just have the satellite connected in the common room and the master stateroom. As soon as I swap over to Direct TV, I have a power splitter that will allow up to 8 receivers to run off of one dish. I can't find such a power splitter for Dish Network. And I only want ONE dish to contend with. Interestingly, we don't get a lot of TV watchers here. Most of my guests just want to catch the news and weather periodically.
Something we're going to add is a DVD player that stores all of our movies and then the guests can pick from the library what they want to play in their rooms via a remote control. It will be networked throughout the boat. It sort of reminds me of an Ipod - you just scroll through the menus until you find the movie you want to watch and click "play."