The Beauty of Innkeeper Notes

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Oct 7, 2008
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I just got a webervations and said aloud "That name sounds familiar" I go into the guest mgmt software and sure enough, they were here before, on 08.08.09 DUH! That was last weekend! Memory like a sieve I tell ya.
I go in to import the info and pull the notes through, the second name on the booking is NOT the man's name who I expected - her husband - what the! A short gasp as I do recall this couple now and did not think there was any funny business going strange this is.
Then comes to mind my lifelong repetition from my grandmother "Frances with an E, not an I !!!" Meaning, E is for female, and male is an I. Ohhhhhhh it is her daughter in law...the notes I quickly made were that she planned on bringing the d-i-l and new baby here for a break (in our only babes in arms room).
Thank goodness for notes! If I had my memory to count on it wouldn't be pretty.
I might not be quick...but I get it eventually.
Oh yeh. Love those notes to jog the memory. I try and review them before a repeat visit for names, whether they drink coffee or tea and other info. They think that I have kept it all in my head. If only they knew.

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