The Cone of Death

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Jun 10, 2008
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Holy Crapoli!!! I turn off the PC at noon to go do some work, and when I return at 5PM, I'm in the Cone of Death! Not one but three potential slayings coming my way. Ana, Bill, and soon-to-be named Claudette. Ana doesn't scare me...the other two do. This wasn't supposed to happen this year...WHERE'S MY EL NINO?
...a new list of chores just surfaced.... :(
I did have the smarts to go look online and make sure my insurer cashed my companies around here DO play those friend got cancelled on the first day of hurricane season and the remaining premium refunded. That's just wrong.
I just heard that on the weather channel when I went to check our weather (torrential downpour here)! Stay safe!
You will be in part of the candle lit tonight in the Chapel. May all be well with you.
Oh crap! (seems to be my word of the day) You would know it, now they are heating up and we have a cruise out of Cape Canaveral on the 30th...Just what I wanted to hear!!!
Sanctuary, keep safe. Prayers are being said!
Hope all is well for you. After 2 months of rain (there was the El Nino) we finally got some sunshine. That must have pushed the weather your way. Praying for a safe port for you.
Thanks for the prayers - it worked. Looks like I'm going to dodge a bullet as Billy Boy curves north. :)

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