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Jun 7, 2009
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Last night, all six guests came back late, and ate dessert together. I was on the phone when I heard them leave the table and head to bed. After I got off the phone, I went out to the dining room, and the overhead chandelier has been turned off and there were five empty plates and one partially gnawed piece of cake on another plate.
I cleaned all the dishes away and threw out the partially eaten piece of cake. About 20 minutes later (this is after 11pm), I get a knock on the kitchen door, and find the little old lady from the downstairs room with a towel around her hair in a bathrobe. "My Cake!!??" I told her that I assumed everyone was done and had thrown in out. She exclaimed "I only had two bites"! I apologized and offered to get her something else, but she refused and said that she guessed she didn't need it anyway.
I still felt bad about it this morning...and she must have still been upset because she was talking about it to the rest of her group at the table. She said "I ate a little of my cake and went to take a shower. When I came back, my cake was gone". They all laughed and said "of course it was, why would you leave it sitting out there and go take a shower???" So she laughed, and I let her pick what to have for dessert tonight.
The moral of the story, I guess, is that people take their dessert very seriously!! And, just when you think you have it knocked, someone comes along and puts a stick in your spokes!
I f she wanted it she shouldn't have left it in the darkened dining room with 5 other EMPTY plates. I would have taken it that she didn't like it.
Who eats two bites, leaves, and comes back to finish it later? Who leaves any dessert for later!
Why would she not have taken it with her, or even asked you to wrap it up for her for a bit? At least her friends pointed out that she shouldn't have left it sitting there!
Leaving dessert means leaving dessert...
Bless your heart for being sensitive to her pea pickin' little nibblin' ways. :)

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