The Difference between a normal home and an Inn is...

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Oct 7, 2008
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Innteractive Inns Blog article idea, might be a TOP TEN list
Looking for one liners. Can be humorous and witty. If you want credit given to you/your inn for the comment, please let me know at the time you post the one liner here. Similar to "You know you're an innkeeper if..."
"The difference between a normal home and an Inn is...finding stranger's lingerie in bed is not grounds for divorce"
(I might tweak the title, this is just for starters...have fun you clever and funny innmates!)
Lots of people are eating pancakes in the dining room and no one is yelling, 'Mom!'
Your bathroom is well supplied with partially used rolls of toilet paper.
Be vewwwy vewwwy quiet-there are guests in the house....!shhhhhhhhhh
The difference between having an inn and a "normal" home is you can have different people sleeping in your guest rooms every night.
Keep em comin!
How about "We encourage people to sleep around" haha
You have a mortgage for a $500,000 house, but only live in $10,000 of it.
A strange man tells you he's hot and you don't panic, you just show him where the thermostat is in his room.
I have to put on more than a T shirt before I walk through my own house at bed time to do a final lights / music / temperature check.