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Jun 2, 2008
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here is an example of the disconnect between a non-resident b&b owner and an employee/innkeeper
got a call from my stepson yesterday. his mother was my late husband's ex, and my former partner sortof in the b&b
i am always reachable by my stepson which is probably why he calls me for his mom.
anyway ....
my stepson (now in college) calls from the b&b and asks me if i have xyz's phone number. guests are there who want to check in. his mother has never checked in a guest, does not know what to do. has told the guests to make themselves comfortable in the guest library. xyz is a former (awesome) chambermaid now employed as one of the innkeepers ... she checks guests in. i tell my stepson i no longer have her number. he tells me they have called all the phone numbers for the realtor/manager of the property and have not been able to reach anyone. he is going to call my eldest son next (i tell him he does not have xyz's number either) panic panic panic
then i glance at the clock. it is just after 1 pm. check in is 3 to 7. i say ... those guests are very early ... do they have a reservation? he doesn't know. whether they are walkins or have reservations, they are about 2 hours early. i tell him his mom should simply explain that their room will be ready at 3, that the innkeeper will be there by 3, they should go do a little site seeing or get a snack at the general store. and escort them to the door.
this is a no go. the guests are getting antsy because they don't understand the owner's role and why she can't just check them in.
to the owner's mind, the guests (or potential guests) are here ... and should be checked in. now.
xyz is paid by the hour, does not live there, and i am sure she will be there at check-in time. even if she DID live there, there is a reason why check-ins and check-outs are not open ended. as you all know. owner never understood why i felt i was 'tied' to the b&b ... why i said it was challenging to have private time.
it's regrettable that the owner has no idea how to check them in. regrettable that she let them come in. maybe the doors were open because she and my stepson were carrying chairs outside so the guests just walked in.
i have to laugh (sorry but i do) because owner and son only went there to pick up some chairs to use elsewhere and want to get back on the road ... they have a four hour drive ahead of them ... but they have let guests in the building .....
oh, i am just wicked.
seashanty ~ chuckling with evil delight
Yes I think if you are going to own something like a B & B you should learn every aspect of how it is run and this situation wouldn't happen. Otherwise don't buy one or just don't bother coming by the B & B or even let any guests know you are the owner. If someone else is going to run it that is fine but I think the person who owns it should know everything about it and how hard it really is. They should be required to run the place for two weeks with a full house and then they will see how much work it really is.
I am just chuckling...especially knowing just a little bit about how you were treated by this person. I believe this is called karma, no?
That's a great story SS. I am soooo happy that you are enjoying the comedy/karma (karmedy?) of it all. Knowing how nice you are, I was afraid as I was reading that the story was going to end with you agonizing over how to help them out of their mess. Cheers and carry on with a bit of chuckling.
I am just chuckling...especially knowing just a little bit about how you were treated by this person. I believe this is called karma, no?
also schadenfreude -
noun: satisfaction or pleasure at another's misfortune. (German, from schauden harm and freude joy).
I am chuckling with louder evil delight at this whole scenario and enjoying your evil delight too.
hmmm....I guess there's a little learning curve for that owner.........
ah, my wickedness is infectious!!! *evil cackle*
silly-ness. just admit that the innkeeper is not there, will be there at 3, and please come back at 3.
Coming in late but it is as I have always said - what goes around, comes around. Servws her right. I hope she squirmed a LOT! What you hear now is Margaret Hamilton's best line in Wizard of Oz - heeeeeeeeeee