The Forecloser ... Completely Off Topic... But Worth a Smile...

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Feb 24, 2011
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Not really off topic, after 3 years of trying to work with the banks they are going to get my house back very soon ...
So sorry to hear that, agoodman. Best of luck to you.
Eric Arthur---thanks for sharing that laugh. "It's"
yup- i know how you feel agoodman-they got ours thank god we got this job cause we would be homeless right now, of course thats why we were able to save one of them and a loan to catch up which we are paying back right now. Banks dont care.
Heard about this story-it was a good one...
birdwatcher yes, I understand, I am lucky to have a 2nd job (work from home) however I have decided I cannot keep throwing back all the money into the house which I am making on my 2nd job .. business is in the toilet since this new eco downturn and the guru Suze Orman says (1) house values will continue to decline for the next few years and (2) if you have lost 35% in value based on another couple of years downturn but a general 3% increase in property prices per year once (!!) it starts going up that it would take 13 years to get back your value ... TG some friends have offered me a house or I will be looking for an interim or a house sitting position, put some $$ away and start my life over. WF "finally" (and again) assigned someone to work with me however I have decided retention is just not an option so it will be short sale if they agree, deed in lieu if they agree or back to the foreclosure they tried a year ago.
(FYI all unless you have a LOT of debt Chapter 13 is VERY expensive and not worth it in my case and since the courts have been sitting on it for 9+ months AND I am having to pay $500 a month MORE in my morgage it is just not viable)

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