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May 22, 2008
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My current guest is traveling with 1 horse and 7 dogs. She is delivering 6 fox hound puppies to a hunt club in Canada and will hunt with them. Coming north, she had a flat tire on her trailer. Where she pulled off the road there were some Canadians who had also just changed a tire and they had power tools (must have been cordless) and they put her spare on for her. She got to about 20 miles from the exit and had a blowout that ripped the fender off the trailer BUT it was just before an exit so she got off and parked the rig. It just happened that where she parked the rig is a garage. They came out and fixed her up with a "make-do" tire and would not let her pay for it. She called DH with her location and problem and he called me because I was already at the exit waiting for her. I got on the highway, went to the exit and found her just before the man brought the "make-do" tire out. I had grabbed a botle of water for her as I left the house so when I got out of the car, the first thing I did was hand her the water. She was hot & thirsty! Then I took her out to the stable and here.
She was going to turn around and go home tomorrow but her husband to her to just limp along going north and get the tires fixed (2 new tires and she also needs a new 6 stud rim). I found a garage that will get her rim & tires for her Monday morning and I told her she can have the room Sunday night for 1/2 rate. I also took her to out City Police Cookout at the Park for supper tonight.
When i told her what I was going to charge for tomorrow she told me how wonderful everyone had been to her here. She thinks WV is a freat place - because it is!!!
You are an amazing ambassador.
Thank you. There is an element of promotion in it also. She is from SC - HORSE COUNTRY S C - and is going to horse country in Canada. She will spread the word! She told me that if she had not found us, she was going to change her route to go through Kentucky because of previous disappointments with stables/lodging. She has already said she is going to be stopping here on the way home next month. We all know that word-of-mouth GOOD stuff is better than any ad we could pay for.