Things you never did before the B&B that you do now?

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JunieBJones (JBJ)

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May 22, 2008
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What are some things that you never did before you owned a bed and breakfast that you do now? Maybe it was a helpful hint from another innkeeper or a guest? (Not FOR THE B&B but you personally)
Use only cloth napkins
Drink flavored creamers
Gave up breakfast
Only shower in the evenings
Always make your bed
Always have emergency clothes at the end of your bed
Own a bathrobe.
Fight without yelling, stomping or throwing things.
Live in 10 year 'temporary' housing.
Let the phone ring in the middle of the night.
Use leftover rolls of toilet paper.
Have two working dryers in my basement (and be happy about it).
Keep a tablecloth on the table and remember to put napkins on the table
iron pillowcases
keep a freezer locker
hire a kid to keep the yard nice
Let the phone ring in the middle of the night.
Use leftover rolls of toilet paper.
Have two working dryers in my basement (and be happy about it)..
haha! I forgot about the toilet paper ;-) Yeah, I could have added that I have 2 laundry rooms & am glad that I have them! HA!
Umm, lets see...
vaccum stairs...never had any before..haha
grow a garden
yep, afternoon showers, if time, otherwise evenings
yep, argue quietly...
Oh God - now I have a B&B I never ever ever make my own bed (unless we have company coming over)
Something personal I do differently now that I own a B&B ... hmmm ........ Yes - I definitely have "smart clothes" ready to go in an instant in case I need to get out of my slouching gear and into hostess mode in a hurry at night, but even more to the point how about putting on clothes before wandering through the house.
I feel like having a B&B is just a natural for me... just living like I always have. Early in our marriage we lived with many, many roommates, so we've already been accustomed to being decent in the public areas, and fighting quietly in our own bedroom, and we even had TP roll ends in our bedroom already (cheaper than tissue). I got used to making my bed every morning when our house was for sale and it's a habit I've kept. We already used cloth napkins because they're more frugal than using paper. Even the emergency clothes... well, let's say I'm not good about putting clothes away, so there's always some handy. We've even had strangers come stay with us!
But here's what is new for me:
Take naps
Keypad door locks on exterior and bedroom doors (including my own)
Clean the same bedroom more than once in a week
Take credit cards
Own five TV's and four high-def cable boxes (and a 6 bedroom/5-1/2 bathroom home!)
Buy premium OJ and name brand breakfast meat

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