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Jun 8, 2009
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Been reading Innspiring for a year now and before that
I have never posted, but read daily.
Please continue to post on Innspiring. I really enjoy your posts and can relate to most of what you say.

In my opinion you have brought so much to this forum that 'I' can personally relate to.
I would really miss your opinions if you stopped.
Look... you've even got me signing up !!!
PS I'll probably get in trouble for the 'subject line' but I wasn't sure what to put - sorry in advance!
Welcome inn_keeper!
Glad you decided to take the leap
Welcome inn_keeper.
Thanks for signing up. And no, there is nothing wrong with the subject line.
Just for the record, no one told Tim not to post; just to watch his behavior.
Just for the record, no one told Tim not to post; just to watch his behavior..
I understand!
I was just wanting to let him know how much I appreciate his posts. I would hate for him to stop posting because of what was said to him (good/bad). I believe he is a valuable member to this forum, so much so, I'm here posting - something I thought I would never do:)
I've seen lots of members come and go (because of similar situations) and I sat back and posted nothing. This time I felt a real need to say something.
BTW, thank you for the warm welcome!!
You sure picked an interesting time to post after a year when dander is up and all over the place, you must be a heat of the moment person.
WELCOME TO THE FORUM. Feel free to post your ideas, thoughts and opinions on non controversial innkeeper subjects too.
Definitely keep posting. Don't let the mob mentality put you off the site. We appreciate all viewpoints here.
Welcome Inn_keep. All opinions are welcome here.
BTW, I do not recall anyone telling Toad to go away and conversely I do not recall anyone being begged to stay. All are welcome to come - or go - as they wish.
The first time I joined this group (can you believe it guys? four years ago!!!) someone told me they'd never stay at a B&B like I described, someone else said no way I could do it with little kids, and someone else had another negative thing to say.
Oh well, I thought, maybe I didn't describe it right. They don't know me... my personality, my skill set, my attitude, nothing. So what? They have a lot of really good advice on how to do this thing I'm thinking about doing. So I think I'll stick around.
And of course, I'm outspoken and can't keep quiet on things, so I've been around with a vengeance!
I've found some people do things one way, some another, and both feel theirs is the best way. And they're both right. And I've found there's a huge difference between running a three or four room B&B and a seven room inn.
I've found that some posters are negative, often saying something like "I hate to be negative..." then going on to tell a new aspiring why their dream is impossible.
And some seem awfully catty.
And some are abrupt.
And every single one of them will give you the shirt off your back if you're in trouble.
And they'll tell you the unvarnished truth, as they see and understand it. How priceless is that? We live in this sugar-coated world of facades and movie sets... I personally prefer visceral reality and I found it with this group. You can't pay for what you get here for free. Pure, unfiltered, unmitigated, un-sugar-coated truth.
So if you don't agree with something someone posts, so what? Post your own opinion, and stories we can all enjoy. If someone appears to be attacking your or my position, or maybe simply disagreeing with how you or I do things, so what? Least, that's how I see it... I run a small inn, with little kids, and I do what works for me. You don't like how I do it, that's OK by me! You have an idea of how I can do it better? Fine, I'll be happy to listen to your point of view, decide whether to change (probably not...), and continue on my merry way.
I agree.... I don't want Tim to stop posting here. But I do hope he can refrain from taking things so personally, or getting nasty when he's frustrated. It doesn't benefit him or anyone else. As has been said a bunch of times... different strokes for different folks... which to me means, let others state things as strongly as they like, then go and do what you think is best.

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