torn meniscus

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Jul 23, 2008
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OK, so this old victorian does not have 'wall' switches to turn the lights off or on in any of the downstairs rooms (guest rooms all do). So I was stepping up on a stool to reach the lights (11 ft ceilings) and I didn't step center on it and only caught the edge, and the stool flipped and well needless to say... I fell and boy did it hurt! after limping on it finally went to DR.
Having surgery on Friday morning! I tore the meniscus pretty badly! grrrrr ..... hopefully wont be out of commission for too long.
I have no idea what that is but sounds awful and painful hope you are ok.
I have a friend who broke two bones in his foot simply by standing on tip toe on one foot to reach something (which I am sure we all do virtually every day) I couldn't believe it. My usual trick is falling down the stairs. (we have two sets of 4 flights so I have pently of opportunity)
Best wishes, hope you will ok soon.
I am struggling. I keep seeing you reaching everyday (twice?, in how may rooms?) to switch the lights on and off/. Reaching 11 ft, on a stool? My background is in engineering and we find that in regards to safety, if things can go wrong they certainly will sooner or later, my advice:
Ouch! While you are in the hospital, someone should be home putting extenders on those light fixtures!
so sorry to hear about your fall and upcoming surgery - speedy recovery!!
I tore my miniscus about 20 years ago. They were able to fix it arthroscopically and it wasn't too bad. I bet this process is even better today. Your post surgery rehab will be tough but work hard and you'll have a successful recovery. Best wishes!
Yikers! Hope you have a quick recovery with a MOST minimal amount of pain - preference is NONE!
I predict a longer chain or a hook on the end of a long, long rod for working the lights in the future.
Oh gosh---I'm so sorry. Similar thing happened to me about 8 years ago but in my case it was a ladder and a paint roller.
I'm guessing your old Victorian doesn't have an elevator I'm thinking your recovery might be troublesome. On the other hand, there's nothing like climbing stairs to recover!
Best of luck to you....
Oh sorry to hear that! Praying for a speedy recovery-longer cord to turn of the lights help too.
Thanks Everyone! I'm sure it will be a quick proceedure and speedy recovery. But the warm wishes are so nice and will definately help.
I tore mine 10 years ago. It took about one year before I really felt 100% but (knock on wood) I've been fine since. Will be sending you lots of prayers on Friday and after.
YIKERS!!! I hope your pain is under control, the surgery is successful, and you have a complete recovery. Total bummer....