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Apr 28, 2009
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I am new to this business and I would love to hear what brand of towels and sheets you prefer in your business? I have been shopping online and am getting a bit confused. 100% cotton? Cotton/polyester blend? 800 count for towels? 100% Egyptian cotton for sheets? Thread count? And how do they wash? And how long do they last? How often do you re-purchase your linens?
We just replaced all of our towels (4 doz of each size). The last time was 3 years ago.
Sheets I replaced 3 years ago as well. Got a poly-cotton blend to cut down on the ironing. If you can find no iron 100% cotton, I'd go with that. Cotton is just softer to the touch.
My advice is whatever you decide on for thread count, etc, buy the best quality you can afford.
If you can, do what I did and buy a couple of 'demo' towels and sheet sets. Wash & dry them and see how you like them. We did that with the towels and it was worth it considering how much I was going to plunk down on buying them.
If you have a Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx near you they generally carry good quality sheets and towels that are marked down because they're out of style, end of run or there are just not enough of them for the original store to try to stock them any more. I've gotten some nice, high end designer sheets at Home Goods. And, I've gotten some truly lousy Laura Ashely sheets at Kohls.
The worst sheets I have gotten were from Tuesday morning. They were still expensive. One set the bottom sheet split about 20 inches after a few washings. No sign that I could tell of a flaw before that.
I bought 3 sets and all 3 pilled.
Love Penney's blend Chris Madden sheets. My brother in law loved them. Asked me to write it down for him so he could go buy them for his bed.
I bought 1400 thread count from a company called JS sanders, / PJ Master after seeing them at the Merchandise Mart in Atlanta for the life of me I cannot find their contact details $70 per queen set. Horrid customer sevice but my guests love them ...
I got great towels at a good price from Atlanta Textile
Welcome Hiddencove!
When we opened our Bed and Breakfast in '04 and since hubbie worked for a linen company for a while I let him make the sheets/towels decision. This is what we did
All sheets that are 300 counts are pretty good for most, although if you have a real High End B & B you might want a higher count. We got all our sheets from Kohls and they where Martex which unfortunantely they don't make anymore-they got complements from our guests and where very sturdy, did not have to buy any shets for the four years we owned the B&B. Also-look at the instructions for laundering high count sheets cause some you can't use bleach on them. The B & B we are in right now use Penny's 300 count sheets and they offer monogramed with the B & B name (we personally would not do that). About replacement it totally depends upon occupancy-the higher your occupancy the more often you will have to replace your sheets.
Towels we also bought from Kohls-they where Kohls regular towels-Kohls Big ones-they held up well and where not too expensive to replace. Hand towels same thing, although we did get washcloths from them-we replaced more washcloths than anything else-and we would not pay more than 1-2 dollars for washcloths-cause truthfully they are washcloths to wash yourself...IMHO.
We buy high end on sale. For towels we like Turkish Towels. Just google them.