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Jun 4, 2008
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This weekend is graduation weekend. 2 sets of parents have had my 4 rooms booked for months for this weekend. I got a call from one couple this am. Their younger son who was attending another university died yesterday. Their daughter graduates with honors tomorrow. The mom called to say that they couldn't stay tomorrow night and that they were willing to Pay for that night anyway. They just arrived, and at least so far seem to be holding things together. I've visited with the aunt and uncle who say that this family also had a child die who was about a year old after being born prematurely.
This is the 3rd time that the other family has stayed. Since they are travelling with a younger brother and sister, I decided I'd just let each kid have separate rooms tomorrow night and not try to fill the room otherwise. Family #2 knows about family #1's tragedy, so we have decided just to stagger breakfast times so they won't have to interact at breakfast. And no, I won't be charging them for the night they won't be here.
WOW. Well done on the way you are handling it.
You are a very kind and sensitive person. Kudos for handling this situation very compassionately.
Sorry to hear that, may your calm presence and kindness bring them comfort Innkeep.
Thank you for being the kind and considerate innkeeper you are ...hugs!
How awful for the whole family. Nice job helping them cope!
How wonderful of you to be so caring and compassionate. Having met you I would have been surprised by anything other than what you are doing for them. You are a warm and caring person. Please let them know they are in the thoughts and prayers of the SOSK IF it seems appropriate.
that is very sad! I'm feel terrible for that family.
A VA Tech graduate got her diploma one week early yesterday - PhD and died yesterday as well. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and they thought she would not make it to next weekend. My heart goes out to the families in both these stories.
Breakfast is over and both families have gone to graduation. The boy's parents will be back in town for a conference later in the summer and we'll keep in touch. Under the circumstances, things seemed to go OK.
It is so sad for this family. In years to come their sadness will fade slighly, but their memories of your kindness in their darkest hour will shine.