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If someone is wanting staid "fine dining" to such an exalted level that they can't tolerate hearing a quick happy birthday from the staff, what the heck are they doing at Olive Garden in the first place?.
Someone said Olive Garden was "fine" dining? That's interesting.....
Here is when I say WHATEVER.
I can't believe you all, shame on you! A couple kids want to have a special birthday out at Olive Garden for their Dad. Jeez. GRUMPS R US. Kids actually love birthdays and celebrating, in case any of you didn't know this. Going out to dinner and having a candle in a dessert used to mean a special occasion. See this is the crap you get when you share anything personal on the forum. Yep, crap..
Oh, I GRUMPS! Everyone loves to be made to feel special and for crying out loud, it takes something like 30 seconds for them to sing some fun, goofy version of a birthday song. Have you ever gotten taken by the option, "Do you want the regular version of Happy Birthday or the backwards one?" Pick the backwards version and they all turn their backs on you and sing. har har. Lighten up everyone! If you want fine dining, go to a snooty 5 star restaurant. :)

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