Two Days in Pittsburgh

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I have tentatively booked a place that gives cancellation up to 6pm on the day. Now DH has to try to get off work. I have a few other ideas that Kathleen gave me, esp the one near Half Price books, that is a treat in itself!
I'm an architecture fan, so I'd probably look into walking tours of downtown. Pittsburgh's a beautiful city, and has a great skyline for a mid-sized city.
I've been to the Pittsburgh Zoo - it's pretty nice, and has a great aviary.
I've only been to Pgh once - I think I need to find an excuse to visit again..
If I did not say it before, Welcome to the Forum.
You definitely need to find a reason to go back to Pittsburgh. It is an absolutely beautiful City with a small town feel. Wonderful buildings spanning centuries of ideas of what a building should look like. It is full of history, culture, arts (thank goodness for steel and coal barons who wanted a legacy), sports, and ethnicity.
It is also just 2 1/2 hours north of my Podunk. Come on down!!
It's official, goin' to Pittsburgh! I love going places I have never been. Thanks for the suggestions. I will continue to read up until we go.

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