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May 22, 2008
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Had a call for a room earlier. Made a mistake in the booking, tried to correct it by calling guest on phone. Kept getting voicemail. Guest shows up at door while I'm checking in someone else. Hubs handles new arrival.
I come back from showing first guests to room, new guests are wandering around inn alone. I ask if they've been checked in? One guest says, 'No, the girl is turning down the beds.' Huh? WHAT girl? Go look for hubs who is stuck trying to print reg form. Dinner is burning. Hubs prints form, I turn off oven and go to check on hubs. He's there, guests are gone. I see guests in hallway looking at front door wanting to know if they can come and go that way (sign on that door refers guests to other door).
Hubs throws up hands and says, 'You get this one.' I get guest to sign form and give me cc and tell me what time they want to eat. Her. I have no idea WHERE her husband is. Hubs asks, 'Do you need help with your bags?' 'Oh yes!' Hubs says, 'I can help you right now.'Then I turn around and she's gone. Hubs shrugs his shoulders and goes to walk away. I show him the room keys and ask if he showed them the combo for the door? No. They kept wandering away. He takes keys and tracks them down in their room. I go back to burning dinner.
Hubs comes back and says, 'Good thing I helped her with that luggage, no way she could have gotten it in the house by herself.'
They would NOT stand still. She kept wandering off while I was running her card. Her husband was all over the place. They are out now. Dinner was saved. I'm tired just thinking about them! I should judge by clothing. The more 'trailing' the clothing is, the more absentminded the guest.
Hah....I bet they'll be down at 4AM looking for breakfast...in your fridge!
I had three A.D.D. guests last week. Parents and teenage son. All three of them did this. I finally gave up on the tour and explaining things and said "Let's go to your room" and left them there. Hopefully the check in sheet with info will be enough for them to get by, I thought.
Very strange. Then he pulled me aside to let me know the reason they were in town. Like some confidant or something. Very strange. They were easy guests in the end.
It's times like these that one of those kiddy leashes would come in handy.
Or a sheep dog...how about a PITA dog. Keep them rounded up?
Hah....I bet they'll be down at 4AM looking for breakfast...in your fridge!.
Luckily, no. They showed up at 9 like they said they would. Put a pack of cigs on the table and one of them went out to smoke. Locked out of the house because, of course, the one who is in and out of the house the most is the one that never takes the key or memorizes the code.
Or a sheep dog...how about a PITA dog. Keep them rounded up?.
penelope said:
Or a sheep dog...how about a PITA dog. Keep them rounded up?
If only I could train my dog to do that.
You could corner the market on PITA-rounding dogs with some of the guests you have!
Wasn't I supposed to be doing something else as well? I seem to remember saying I should get hubs right on that patent. Some PITA alarm/alert. Or am I dreaming that? Wait, it was a spray or something. 'PITA-be-gone'. I think that was it.
You could come up with a PITA spray that "cleanses" them before they walk thru your door...think car wash without the bubbles
Well, they've wandered off into the sunlight...headed back south...

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