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May 22, 2008
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We were interviewed today for a podcast by a Cleveland man about the motorcycles & B & B. The sound quality was better on Skype than on the phone (cheaper also). Midway through, the computer hiccupped, the printer cycled, and the modem reset. I thought it was a power glitch but the UPS should have taken care of that. Hmmmm. OK, we reestablish the Skype connection - and it happens again. When it happened a third time almost as quickly as we had reconnected, I noticed where John had his foot - under my desk!! I told him to watch where he put his feet because HE was disconnecting us.
He maintains he never hit the power button on the power strip but he either hit that or the main power plug. Once he moved his foot, we were able to finish taping the podcast. He has a foot rest under his drawing table and his foot looked for one and found it - unfortunately...... I do not know when it will be posted but it will be on www. bik .com
And you should have that as a link...