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Jun 2, 2008
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getting breakfast ready for an early bird this morning, i went to slice him some watermelon. brand new round, seedless watermelon. i see what looks like foam on the watermelon. i think ... ohoh ... i got soap on the watermelon. no ... the foam is coming from inside the watermelon. this can't be good ... puddle all across the counter from the spoozy ooze coming from the watermelon. watermelon is rotten. it gets wrapped in a bag and out it goes quick before it smells up the kitchen.
then the mopping up of the ooze. ick.
ever had a watermelon puddle?
i took a quick pic before tossing it out to send to the store. i have no time to treck back there to request a new one in person. see what looks like a bruise? it isn't. it wasn't there when i bought the melon. it's where the melon decided to 'relieve itself.' yucko. such a bummer when food spoils like this.
We had one of those cinderella pumpkins and it was so pretty I didn't want to throw it away, so I put it on a table and it was perfect for almost a whole year, until one day we all started smelling what we thought was something that died under the house...it took about a week to figure it out, until I went by the pumpkin to clean the table and it was still beautiful on the surface and completed rotten and mushy inside! SO GROSS!!!
This watermellon reminds me of a story DH told me long ago. When he was a teen he worked at a Produce market. One day he spotted a watermellon in the back that looked like a transparent balloon. It was so neat looking he wanted to take it home to show Mom. Very carefully he placed it in the back floorboard of his car, so far so good until he had to make that sudden stop! Car never smelled the same - so I am told.
Our produce dept at a certain store has produce like this often. I stand there talking to the produce manager and PUSH MY FINGER THROUGH 3 or 4 kiwis and he says nothing. He does not care. I put cards in to mgmt about this. He will cover them up - yes rotting fruit with fruit flies, with newer fruit. A COMPLETE MORON.
But I have to shop there for other items, so I browse the produce section and get disgusted every time.
sorry if the picture grosses you out ... i tried to shrink it to tiny and it still looks the same.

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