We are in the news again, yay

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Jul 23, 2008
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We made it into our local news paper. I know "local" isn't where our guests come from, but at least now local folks know we are here and may "recommend" us as a place to stay!
Here's a link to the article if you wish to read it.
It's only half the article, the rest of the write up is actually quite nice, too bad they didn't post the entire article on the web. They even put 4 colored pictures in the paper! oh well.
There are people who moved away from here who still rcv our local paper. I often get notes or letters when we are mentioned from FLA or other places. So you will have the same thing, you are reaching outside your city limits as well.
The more press the better! CONGRATS!
Again, sorry but I have to say it - GET THAT PIC ON YOUR WEBSITE! It shows the detail of the house so well, plus the sweet smiling innkeeper. You might have to cut n paste your hubby in there.
Congratulations! I agree with JBJ - that's a great pic of your front porch detail and the lovely innkeeper. Would be good on an "About Us" page or something. I think it's incredible that y'all came back after a fire with that much damage too.
Congrats. SAVE EVERY article. Build up your Press File. Trust me it coumts.
Good going! Every little bit helps get you name recognition.
A really good way to file and re-use any media that features you is to use the 'Create PDF from Website' feature in Acrobat or Foxit. I really prefer Acrobate, but it can be pricey. This is a great way to do it because you can use the 'Highlight/Comment/Markup' feature to underline any point in the article that your inn is mentioned so that potential guests and other will be able to find you in the article quickly.
Granted in a fantastic article like this one, no highlighting is necessary because your inn is the focus, which is wonderful.
I just went to the online article and noticed that some of you posted soem really nice comments after the article!
Thank you so much!!!
What a super group you all are!!!!
Very nice article and photo. Looks like you are waiting to greet a new arrival.

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