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Welcome! The "OTA" I use is Air. I'm finding more people this year are finding me on Air, but booking direct. (direct info is in the description for those who read). Oddly, the not-as-nice guests of August seem to be back on the road. My direct bookers have been messier recently. Air guests are reviewed by hosts and have seem to have cleaned up their acts. Every year a bit different though. ;)
100% agree - we get high quality/ good communication guests on Air as they are used to giving/receiving reviews... but any looked/booker that pays attention will find book direct price is always the best
@harmony when I do a search on Bing collins house b&b marion va - Bing I'm seeing a picture with a bold red bar that say Permanently Closed and a web link that takes me to a non existent page. You probably want to put this on your "to do" list if it is not there already to correct this and continue to search for other old, dead, web information that may work against you.

I also use Reservation Key, find it more reasonably priced than than others. I use Wells-Fargo and Authorize.net, for me I find them reasonable and fit my needs, I make a small charge when a guest books online. Note, I'm the odd kid here with an 8 room mom & pop motel, bed without breakfast.
I also am not seeing any website to book direct either...? We may be in that area as well this fall. Please update us when your site is up and running! Thank you & Good Luck!