We might be able to get rid of our cc machine

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Jun 15, 2008
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I had some furniture delivered last week. I needed to pay extra for some leather protector which I had not payed for. I said can you take a credit card and he said yes. He had a thing that looked like the size of a label maker. He took my card and swiped it at the bottom. I ask if the then had to go back and load it to the computer for the money to get to the bank. He said no it goes right in. That was amazing. I think that is a great way to do it because you could take it with you to sell GC or take deposits. Has anyone else seen this?
You can get that to go on your smartphone. It is a whizbang thing, isn't it!
yes hand hand held cc machines have been in Europe for 10+ years and US about 5 years... there is also a swiper that also attaches to a cell phone similar to the one attaches to a PC
A couple of years ago our Massage Therapist had one she brought with her. A few months later she came and had the old fashion swipe imprinter with her and completed the transaction on her CC mashine. She said she could not afford the fees attached to the other one.
Not saying they are too expensive now, just make sure you are aware of ALL the fees associated with doing business with that thing before changing.
The airlines are using them now for food purchases on flights. Makes it very easy for customers not to need to deal with cash.
Copperhead you were reading my mind (get out of my head!!) I was just coming back on here to add "but the fees are much higher"
They are great though for vendors and salespeople on the move

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