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Jun 6, 2008
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I was thinking, we need an interactive game on the forum, you know Swirt, this is right up your alley.

It could be the Innspiring BnB virtual inn and we each get to be innkeepers, staff or guests and there can be challenges:
Cooking a gourmet breakfast when you only have two ingredients on hand.
Superbowl of cleaning, timed, with virtual prizes, like a day OFF or a new part time chamber maid.
If you are guests you get awarded points for being most considerate (wiping your shoes at the door, giving a review at the end of your stay, writing in the inn journal) or do your best to get the coveted PITA of the Year award, by doing things like drunken behavior, ruining the linens, walking in on the innkeeper in the bathroom, showing up with 5 other unregistered members of the family 5 hours late with 10 dogs.
Final round could include fixing the plumbing in the middle of the night without calling the plumber and handling a double booking...
You or your guests would also have health points, you have to keep yourself and the guests happy by feeding them and you, recreation, etc...
You could also earn points for finding things, like change in the couch cushion or mice in the kleenex box, etc.

What do you think, who wants to play?
LOL Good suggestion, but I don't have that kind of talent, or time. :(
it's a fun thought though willowpond! sounds like you have put alot of thought into the concept of the game though... maybe you just invented a new Wii game or something, huh!?
Like a virtual world. Which means my avatar can look like me in my dreams. I'm in just for that part! I'm out to get the coveted PITA award. BUT, unless there is sound so you can hear me whiiiiiiiiiiiining my every complaint, it just won't be the same. I've got a great nasal, Bronx thing I do.
Several years ago Tourism put out a call to the industry (tourism, not just B & B) to come up with activities for a day at a 4-H camp. I responded that the only thing I could think of for B & Bs was that I had 2 cots and we could do a timed event on setting them up or we could do a muffin toss - see how far they could throw them. Tourism loved it but the project was canned because only 2 entities responded. That the B & B industry responded (and quickly) got us points with the Division (always helps).