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May 29, 2009
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I know many of you are privy to this info, so this is for the newbies. You should really watch out for agengies saying you have won an award. I got this email and tossed it, having already been throught this with a certain national political party the named me "Business of the Year" in my area, only really wanting me to dump $500 plus plane fare to go to Washington and accept. So I checked into this newest scam and found a warning on a BBB site: Here is a part of it and the rest can be read if desired by using the link. They are called "Vanity Awards". Don't fall for it. Here you go!
[h1]All That Glitters? US Commerce Association Awards to Biz May Not Be What They Seem[/h1][FONT= 'Verdana']Recent emails notifying businesses that they have won prestigious awards from a national association appear to be part of a widespread scheme designed to get companies to pay for “vanity” awards and plaques.[/FONT]
[FONT= 'Verdana']The group behind the “awards” program is the U. S. Commerce Association of Washington, D. C. The association has been sending out news releases in recent months to businesses nationwide, telling them they have been selected as “outstanding local businesses” and offering them an opportunity to buy one or more awards to mark the honor.[/FONT]
[FONT= 'Verdana']The Better Business Bureau (BBB) urges that area businesses exercise caution when dealing with this group or a related organization called the U. S. Local Business Association.[/FONT]
[FONT= 'Verdana']Click "Here you go!" above for the full story.[/FONT]
THanks for sharing again. SO many people get taken on this one. DOn't even reply to stuff like this or it will only open you up for more of the same.
I also get a lot of e-mails telling me I have been chosen to be listed in Who's Who__________.
DELETE - there is $$$ attached somewhere.
First question to ask yourself (or them if it is a call) is "How much is this going to cost me? Real awards do not cost anything and are given on merit. Most of these scams do not even know what business you are in - even though you have Bed and Breakfast in your name!