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May 22, 2008
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Just heard hubs explaining that he really could NOT guarantee that there would be a good breeze blowing thru the window on the night of the 17th. (And why not, I ask.
That's like the caller who wanted to know if we would have snow at christmas. Ask me on December 24th and I might be able to tell ya.
I get stuff like, "You've had a lot of thunderstorms lately. Do you think it will be raining when we're there?" Wish I had a crystal ball.........
What would happen HJ if they asked:
"Will there be snow at Christmas?

and you simply answered
Would they think about it at all?
window fans and paper snowlfakes taped to the windows
also, insta-snow!
This is our rainy season, It USUALLY only rains during the latter part of the evening or during the night. This year has been different ... we have had it rain during the day, like yesterday. People from Mexico City come here especially to be in the sun (only an hour away but what a difference in weather).
All we can say is ... it usually only rains in the evenings. The weather is changing all over the world.
Weather predictions are left to someone on a higher level. Welcome to Cuernavaca, here we enjoy 365 360 (5 days of rain during the day so far this season) days of sun. lol I can assure you we will NOT have snow this December 24th. ;)
Hang on a minute, let me call G*d and see if we can't just arrange the weather for you...I'll call you right back.
This drives me nuts!