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Don Draper

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Aug 10, 2008
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Question: For my Webervations confirmation emails, is there a way to add a hyperlink to my text? I know certain fields will accept HTML but this would be in the "Custom Messages" section, so that as a guest is reading their confirmation email if I put a link in their back to our website for directions, etc. it will create an actual link versus them having to copy and paste it into a new window.
Rupes thank you for this post, I went in to see if I had it on my confirmations, which I don't as it is plain text and no hyperlink and found ALL my custom messaging is gone, policies, directions, all of it!!! GRRRRRRRRRR! I had a webervations error pop up and it is all gone. I have a confirmation here and cut n pasted the policies but had to get all the rest back in there, pick lists for how you found us, time of check in, etc etc. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!! I emailed Weberv from the site and mentioned it to them.
I KNOW yes I know they are all about security, but since they bought webervations I have had at least 5 instances where info was gone, online bookings down, dates not showing, etc. It really miffs me.
Check you weberv everyone. I went out and went in on another browser and it was still all the generic wording from them. Mine has been customized from day 1.
Yes, yes, yes everyone be sure to check your info. They have had a lot of problems in the last month or so because they have been updating security info and it's affecting things they didn't anticipate.
Yeah, why does it always seem to happen on a Friday afternoon too???
Yeah, why does it always seem to happen on a Friday afternoon too???.
Rupert said:
Yeah, why does it always seem to happen on a Friday afternoon too???
Another question to ask is if something was changed today that caused that, who authorized any changes to be made when the majority of the programmers do not work the weekends? (Can you tell I'm from an IT dept in a past life?)
Tech Support is working on the problem right now. I thank them for getting back to me before I went ballistic. I was not so worried about the pick lists (check in times etc) but the policies and the check box were my concern.

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