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May 22, 2008
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I think we had a thread somewhere that had a wish list for Webervations... not sure, not gonna look for it right now.
Anyway, I wish they had a way to show "availability with conditions," that is, the room is available but certain conditions apply. In this case, we're going to a wedding on Saturday so I've blocked the whole day off. But I just can't do check-ins... if someone wanted a multiple night stay and were checked in before Saturday, or even checked in on Saturday morning I could take them.
I just wonder if I've lost reservations by blocking it off... no way to know and what else could I do?
YS you can do this already in Webervations it is just not easy to find. Go to Availablity/rates tab, then seasonal rates tab... you can then place the day(s) you are unable to check in, as well as # of days required to stay etc..

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