Week Started Great - Downhill from there

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May 22, 2008
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The week started great with a second reservation for Thanksgiving. That was Monday. Tuesday I got an e-mail from my cousin that his Mother had died that morning - she was a wonderful LADY (my favorite aunt) but although sad for me, was happy for her to be released from pain of age and tumors. Today, Wednesday, I had a family coming in with horses, threw in the third room for $20 so I would not have to put up the cot. They called early afternoon - the truck blew the engine and they are stuck on the side of I-68 for the night. They got a tow for the truck but they will not tow the trailer because of the horses in it. So the wife & her son are toughing it out in the horse trailer tonight - they cannot leave the horses - and they will be here tomorrow (I hope). They are only 2 hours from me right now. They got a truck but it needs to get a hitch on it. They are in the process of moving.
oh my! i hope things get better..
As of last night he said they had a truck but it did not have a hitch. They were going to get a hitch today. Now I am hostage to the phone waiting for them to call because according to GoogleMaps they were only about 2 hours away. Sigh!
Oh, that's aggravating. I hope they call soon so you can get on with your day.
ummmm, did they make it?.
They found a dealer who had a friend with a htich like what they needed, bought a new truck and came in yesterday about 6 PM. They had a 5:30 breakfast time - so they started bringing down suitcases about 20 to 6 and made it to the table for the. by now, almost leather topped beaked eggs. She said the kid did not eat much for breakfast - just some cereal. So I went out & bought some cereal and milk. He did drink some milk but opted to chow down the bacon - yes, I actually had bacon in the house and even got 2 slices of it! - but did not touch the cereal. Maybe he did not like apple cinnamon Os.
I had to lead them back to the stable. By 6:30 this morning, I had talen them to the stable and waited until they left so I could lock the gate, came home, put food away, stripped and made 3 beds, emptied trash cans and new bags, tossed down linens, and had a load of towels going so I could sit down with MY breakfast.
It is now almost 10 and I have to get the bathroom done and trash down before we leave to go meet Socks & family for lunch. I have in-coming that may be here when we get home. (She knows we will be put so will amuse herself if she beats us home. She is the only guest who has her own key to the house and she left it at home!)