Went to visit family...IT WAS GREAT!

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Feb 22, 2009
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Hello fellow Innkeepers!
Been kind of MIA since Thurs? I think, anyway, went out of town to see my parents, they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in December and they had a mass to celebrate couples that have been married 25 and 50 years...they renewed their vows. Thankfully we could afford it it was just gas and time, and time we kind of had. Anyway, it was wonderful being surrounded by family which I miss dreadfully having moved away from them. Had two of us kids and our kids and one great-great grandkids from four. It was wonderful but have much to do here now and it seems I'v e finally cought whatever cold has been going around- its a head cold right now hopefully i will feel better tomorrow.
Good for you guys! That was probably just the time away that you needed! Hopefully you will get over your head cold soon!
(what is this smiley anyway???)
Bird - Glad you got a chance to get away and congrats to your parents!!!!
GA - I thought that was a shy smiley with a halo...
So happy that you got some time away just for yourselves! It's nice to be surrounded by your loved ones, they remind you what a precious asset YOU are to the world!

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