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May 22, 2008
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I have all rooms booked tonight. The gentleman from London requested to reserve the charge point tonight. Imagine my surprise when the other couple arriving tonight asked asked me what kind of charger I had. I could have sworn it was the British couple. Told her they could hook up until the other guests arrived, but they had requested it. OK.

So Tessie is charging someone now. Fortunately the other couple called to give an ETA and we discussed dinner - stop and have a nice dinner on the way in, ours would be closed before they got here. So I do not expect them to arrive before 9 PM! This will be the first time a Tesla will be parked on the street here!

Who would have thunk it -2 Teslas the same night!

UPDATE! The Tesla the Brits had broke down. they arrived in a gas-powered car. Problem resolved. the Maryland Tessie is happily sucking up electricity.
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There are enough hours in the night and morning to charge them both. Congratulations on all the attention!

My Tesla charger is on its own meter so I know what it's costing me. For the first few years it was about $16/month (the electric company's minimum monthly charge). Lately it's costing me about $55/month. There are definitely more electric cars on the road now!