What do you feed Vegans?

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We do the scrambled tofu IF they say they will eat it - that's when I learned to ask first.
I have a standby of oatmeal (irish oats or steel-cut oats work) made using apple cider to replace 1/2 of the liquid and adding grated apple, cinnamon, a dash of maple syrup and raisins. I have used that for guests who request heart-healthy as well. It makes for some good oatmeal.
Vegans don't eat any animal products whatsoever - no eggs, no dairy, no honey, nothing with gelatin (usually made with animal by-products, although vegan may be available). Apparently white sugar is off the table for many vegans as there is a final filtering process using charcoal which may be animal in origin, even though it can be deemed kosher. I find it pretty easy to make most of the breakfast for vegans except the baked goods - it took me a long time to find a vegan muffin recipe that I thought was good.