What is the earliest someone has tried to check in?

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Jun 2, 2008
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guests showed up this morning at 8:45 hoping to check IN ... didn't someone just mention folks trying to check in at 9:30?
breakfast is 8 to 10. folks don't have to check OUT until 11.
this is, i think, is the earliest someone has tried to check in here ... could they really think it would be okay?
a possible tie with the first year i was open and people (not my guests as it turned out) walked into the breakfast room saying 'breakfast comes with the room' and started helping themselves to juice ... (someone saw them at the front door and opened the door for them) it turns out, they were booked across the street! i was out of my mind that day!
and we had a whole discussion of breakfast being available for the morning AFTER you sleep in a b&b.
what is the earliest someone has tried to check in at your place?
Earliest I recall to walk up was about 1pm. We are not in an area for walk-ins to be common so that eliminates those types.
I do recall a man calling wanting to check in at 8 or 9am. Said he wanted the room from 8am to about 9pm due to his trip route. He could not believe I was going to charge him for a 2 night stay. - Call a hotel and see what ya get..
Another asked for a early check in 10am or something and wanted breakfast both mornings. NOPE - find another sucker.
10 am - they were charged for 2 nights. Were supposed to leave really early the next morning but ended up leaving in the evening "to get to the airport for a change in flights". It was a fling. Didn't even turn down the bed. We stripped everything out of the room.
One of my guests arrived in town at 11 yesterday, but after discussing it via email agreed to come around 4. Thank goodness! I worked my tail off yesterday and certainly wasn't ready by 11!
9 ish. I don't really remember other than breakfast was being served when they came to the door.
It was EARLY but they were booked for that night not the date they arrived. I have had several who checked in at 4am (she made the reservation at 9pm and got caught in traffic from an accident - the story anyway - and I told you guys about the horses recently). Other than me doing breakfast with no sleep, they were already paying for that night and fortunately for me, the night they actually arrived also (2-night stays). Last night was reasonable (in my world) at 1am.