What kind of art do you hang on your walls?

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Eleanor Brown

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Jan 20, 2010
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Do you go for works that you like or that you think your guests will like? Do you choose your art to be noticed or to blend into the background? Do you buy original art or prints? Anyone have sculptures in their guestrooms? Just wondering...!
work from local artists that is all for sale throughout the place (very small rectangular tags with name of artist, title, medium and price hung on the wall beside or below each piece) - gallery on the property also displays their art
I have a lot of original artwork, (oil, watercolors, pen & ink) on the walls. Some large pieces, some small. A lot of it is from travels and from when my parents lived abroad. I have a few sculptures but not many. The art is appropriate for the room decor. I've alway bought art that I like. :) I more or less incorporated what I had into the inn decor. I've bought several pieces of local art since we've lived here - one is a beautiful large watercolor of Bangkok harbor that goes with some Oriental decor that I already had. It complements some framed Thai silk. I have 3 items that I need to get framed that I bought at an art auction!!
Since we are wine country orientated I have some cool wine posters on the walls in the octagon. In the living room I have family antiques hanging - some mirrors and paintings. In the suites since they are french named I have french posters mostly old reprints and wine posters. Also some etchings of France.
Throughout I have also hung antique dishes that have been in the family for something like 4 generations as I had a great grandfather who imported china. Lucky me that is "in" right now.
We are in an historic/cultural area so most of the artwork and photography is themed in the same manner. I wouldn't trust my personal artwork/antiques in our common areas so they stay in our quarters.
As I have a resident artist, I have original art - oils, watercolor, colored pencil - that are from his various "periods" (but none of his rodeo period in the B & B side!). Upstairs has his earlier works and all have descreet pricetags tucked into a corner - except the one piece by his sister that is NFS). Downstairs we have his current works - vintage motorcycles that we take to the big motorcycle event. Although these do not sell, they are examples of his works and he gets commissions to paint "my baby". Bikers want paintings of their bikes.
A little bit of everything. We don't have a 'theme' so there are a variety of things we can put up. Given the location, tho, I go for more 'nautical' stuff.
We have local artists work plus some of our own. No special theme ...
A few pieces of D.'s artwork, several from the local artist that used to own the house, and the rest are things that we picked up in places we've visited...a quartet of watercolors of Charleston from an artist there, one or two from New Orleans from their locals, etc.
Nautical stuff! But, of course. :) Color coordinated to each room We don't have much - it's just more stuff to have to secure before going out to sea when we're doing a charter as opposed to a B&B booking. We have nothing personal on our walls or on display anywhere - no family pictures, souveniers, etc. We want folks to feel like this is their place while their here, rather than them being "in our home."
I do want to, one day, have a painting of the yacht done to put on the wall in the pilothouse. That's the traditional "yachty" thing to do.

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