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I can't believe what I have done. I am now on the watch list at stuffmart after buying 2 cases of wide mouth mason jars. They were for fish, really, truly, they are in my kitchen right now. Good thing I didn't need to buy any sugar...although Yes I am nearly out now....

Bottled water in a package or add on? No way, wouldn't fly. Unless it was titled something snazzy with ALL local Harrogate items and the water was in there as well. I would guess a gift hamper, so the bottle of water could hold up the back with its height.
Now the toffee yes, easy to put in your suitcase or give as a gift. I would go for that, IF you can get it wholesale and make it worth-your-while.
Esp for business guests who do not have to go all over to find this to bring back to the OFFICE. We had some sales who brought the choco macadamia nuts every single trip from Maui and sure you can buy them at walmart, but who does? So that was the fun part. They were from there directly..
I was thinking along the hamper sort of lines ie we have Harrogate water for a package a bottle of each still and sparkling (comes in traditionl glass bottles etc) Harrogate Toffee, Wensleydale Cheese (local speciality) and so on.
Wensleydale is your local cheese? I have had that just because Wallace and Gromit like it! (OK, yes, I'm strange...I take cheese suggestions from claymation characters!)
Yes! Cheeeeeeeze!! I ordered some online along with the new movie for DH's birthday last year!

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