what the heck? see last days here

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Jun 2, 2008
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my 'partner' was just here ... multi state travel to just stop in ... she thinks she should take the place off the market. not sell it right now.
what the heck?
i was stunned and said nothing ....... nothing.
i am still planning to leave. too much uncertainty. too much at someone else's whim! this takes the cake.
Woo boy, that DOES take the cake. You need to make your own decisions, but I certainly understand not being at the mercy of someone else's whims.
This truly goes under WHAT THE......????? I will get in my car and drive to Maine to help you clean up the mess I did not see! A trip on the ferry......
There is obvioulsy no heart in this person. Clueless, self-centered, and without an ounce of consideration..... Yep, give the word...
Wow. That is astonishing. Leaves me speechless and annoyed. Sorry your "partner" is such a twit.
OMG! This is absolutely ridiculous. I would not consider her your partner any longer. Get your butt out of there and be done with it. You have taken way too much grief over this and you need to MOVE ON!!!!
My guess... she had a lead or a hunch or was strapped for cash and thought she could sell it quick so popped it on the market without thinking about the ramifications.
Now the season's over, it's not sold, and the ramifications are that she still has the property and you're leaving.
I believe people have the right to be stupid, or, if not stupid to be unthinking.
I also believe that unthinking people should experience consequences for their actions, not be sheltered from them.
Doesn't seem to me you owe her anything whatsoever.
But that doesn't make it easy, does it?
Pack it up anyway, and move on out.
Pop on here now and then and give us good advice.
Go help that poor disorganized B&B you visited that so desperately needs your TLC.
Here's happy thoughts and best wishes for a fabulous new situation.
Don't know the whole story. But, you need to be your own person and depend on yourself. Come on, girl, you know you have it in you.
I agree with all the rest, kiddo. She will not hesitate to sell it out from under you if the situation changes and then where will you be? They'd tell you to be out in a week or something.
Better to find something for yourself now. It's easier to find something else when you are already working, and a smoother move when you can plan it.
Don't give her any more notice than is socially acceptable to YOU, and when all your plans are in place, just in case she pulls the old, "you're leaving? Okay clean out your desk and leave now - we don't need your two week notice time, thank you"
Coming into this late, but Jeez, Louise!
Probably decided now is not the time to sell with the economy, stock market, financial news, etc. But you would have thought that you would have heard before the visit.
Glad to hear you're still moving forward. Sounds like this would be a very tenuous position for you. Wow....