What's Your Forecast for End of Year?

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Had a walk-in last night looking for a cheap room so they didn't have to drive back through the snow.
"Cheap room?" Yeah, that's not us.
A small town near here lights up a crab pot Christmas tree every year, complete with crabby carols. They’re doing it this afternoon at 4 and I might go. It’s a drive-by event this year. It’s one of my favorite quirky events.
Crabby Carols :) Love it!
He wanted the Gillum - did not like the 150 and asked if I could do 130? I told him I had to live also.. Then he said he had to talk to his wife and would call back. Bill & I were just finishing supper and I told him that is guest-speak for no thanks. Surprised they called back and asked if the Harris was available (it is 120) so they booked that. Funny thing is, IF they had booked the Harris in the first place, I would have given them the Gillum - but my nose was now "out-of-joint". She is from Sweden and told me this morning she wanted to see Harper's Ferry and asked which route was better. Since they were not in a hurry, I routed them to a covered bridge on the way to the southern route to go across to Harper's Ferry. they wanted to see some of WV. After breakfast, I took them to the log house and to visit Punjab & Kofi. He was so pleased with the experience I gave them that he gave me a tip!! (and they paid cash do it was an even bigger tip) Will be e-mailing them the photos and the video I did with Punjab.
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I don't know where I stole this from, but I've made it my own:
"I'm an inn, not a yard sale."
You know who does this time and again? Other innkeepers. Not people who make reservations in advance, but walk ins. And they always say, ‘it’s late, we’ll pay the rate for the cheap room, but we want the bigger room for that price.’ It still amazes me. I’ve had other guests say this and it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as someone who knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes to make a b&b work!
Nope. We have no cheap rooms. You want this other place. Here is their phone number.

People and pricing is all part of the education process in this business. Early on I felt I needed every dollar, every guest and I hated not to bend and make a deal. It took a while to learn that this was often the person who took the towels to sweeten the deal or otherwise created issues. In time I learned these were not the guests I enjoyed, and like TheBeachHouse to suggest another property.
We -- OK, I -- closed for Dec and Jan. DW objected, but I said breakfast server gets to decide. We have had a trickle of guests and a few reservations, but the West Coast shut down Nov 18 blew the calendar clean, so I figure, screw it, mentally I'll just not think of innkeeping for a month. Decided to test, isolate, pod some family and invite them for a week instead.
I'll reopen in 2021. My expectation is that virus levels won't decline consistently until late April when weather and vaccine show some benefit.
Setting rate will be the biggest challenge you'll face, and the area where only time and experience can help you.
We do rather detailed Yield Management here, because of the large number of short-term rentals in the area, the vagaries of ski season, etc.
For example, we charge as low as $139/night for a room during an off-season weekday, and same room can run for $329 a night during the week between Christmas and New Years -- and people pay it gladly.
My forecast for end of year is cancellations. This week, every time I check my email it's another one saying, "Sorry but we have to cancel. Someone in the family just tested positive for COVID." I'm bending a bit on the cancellation policy, but won't completely break. I was booked up and turned people away. Not fair for me to absorb ALL the losses.

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