When an innkeeper takes a couple days off!

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Oct 7, 2008
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Thanks. Funny I used twitpic and I can see how many views from my Tweeting it, before I even posted it on here. That is a useful tool, fyi, anyone who wants to post images of their inns or breakfasts etc, and then see how many have viewed it, or commented on it! We seem to always link to our OWN INNS, but as you can see I tossed a few links in there on the twitpic.
I am learning... :)
FYI totally off topic
I took the photo from Molly’s Knob (one where the girls are book ends) and had it printed on a pillowcase at walmart.com for my Dad’s bday next week, it came out really great. They snow bird every year for 6 months so thought it would be kinda neat for him.
It is another way to use some of your photos. Just thought I would share, I was worried it would be pasted on or something, but it was screen printed and nice quality. Total cost was $16. A nice gift for those ya love!

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