Where is Santa? Post your santa sightings

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Jun 2, 2008
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went to a tiny general store.
at the back of the store, i found santa. behind the groceries. just chillin with a local.

there was also quite a selection of candy

and even some sarcophaguses (sarcophagi?)

what a funky little store!
any other santa sightings?
Wow, is that man in the first picture really just sitting there watching santa?!
he was sitting on a shelf where they had bread, looking down at santa and talking. he looks really big and santa looks small, doesn't he? neither one looked my way, they were very busy talking. no sign in the store or at the door 'meet santa' or anything. santa was just sitting there in with the groceries. maybe this guy had been a bad boy and was explaining himself.
I thought it was a fake santa! Yes, he looks small that is why I thought it was fake! Funny!
Dang, I saw Santa at the local Microbrewery tonight (he even gave me a candy cane), but no camera on hand to capture him downing a brew...my luck!

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