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The Farmers Daughter

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Jun 15, 2009
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I had a guest come to the kitchen door and request their leftovers from last night be reheated in the microwave. He handed me the aluminum container. I immediately noticed that it was warm. Has this been sitting out since last night without refrideration? I asked. He said yes.
I couldn't help myself. I cringed and blurted out "You really want to eat that?"
He did. I reheated it for him and sent him on his way.
My question is....If they get sick, am I liable???
NO. How could you be? You were not asked to store the food and you did not prepare it either. Don't stress over it... But on the other hand, if they get sick, guess who will be cleaning up. Sorry!
Here's your trivia for the day: In parts of Australia, I can't recall if it is all states or not, but you are not allowed to take your leftovers home with you. Why? You may leave them in the car in the heat and then try to eat them and get sick from them and sue the restaurant. They said they won't allow it due to the Americans - they blame everything on us like most of the world does.
But the question is, did you make the food? If not, who cares. Don't sweat it. We would never have even one guest - because sure as heck they could sue us for anything anytime.
Was it something that really didn't matter? I'm thinking pasta, not meat.
I doubt you would liable in any way, that doesn't stop someone from suing you because you didn't stop them from trying to win the Darwin award.
I would not reheat any food from any previous anything. There is a microwave in the tasting room and they can do what they want with it.

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