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Apr 13, 2014
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Last year, we added an RV pad to a small spot on our property behind the event center. We hired a work camper who lives in their RV full time to work as a housekeeper/dishwasher, etc. Since I was on the road, we needed to get some help for Shelley, and it's been hard to find good workers here in town.

That turned out to be a great idea. Our first work camper was by herself and she was one of the hardest workers I've ever known. She did corporate event planning, so I got to learn a lot from her. Our second set of work campers were a delightful couple. He LOVED doing maintenance work, so he really got us caught up on some of the things we've been needing to do. Our third set of work campers may turn out to be more permanent than just the typical 3 month assignment. Which is great!

Part of their pay goes to pay for their pad rental. It's great for us because we save on labor costs and great for them since they don't have to directly pay for rent and reduces their taxable income. Win-Win!!!

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