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Red Handed Jill

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Mar 15, 2010
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I'm not asking whether this is more/less work (although feel free to discuss amongst yourselves
). I've been doing line drying off and on for my family for the past 7-8 years. This is definitely one of those "ymmv" things and you need to figure out what works for you.
BUT...for those who do it, I am very curious. Gillumhouse particularly comes to mind, I believe she dries guest room sheets on the line.
I totally get the attraction there. I dry my children's sheets on the line, and I have heard them balk on occasion when going to bed because the sheets "don't smell right," and I had to explain that because it RAINED the sheets couldn't be dried outside and wouldn't smell the same. Recently, I line dried my & DH's sheets outside (which I rarely do - which is leading to my question below) so he could experience the difference (he had never slept on line dried sheets).
Here's the thing - I virtually NEVER dry our sheets outside, and absolutely never in spring...because pollen gets on the sheets and pillow cases, I breathe it in all night, and it KILLS me. In spring, even with machine dried linens, I must wash my hair nightly before bed, or I get pollen on my pillow and breathe it in, and there ain't enough Claritin in the world for that.
SO - I have never line dried linens here because I'm paranoid about guests & their (non-food) allergies. Has anyone who line dries linens run into this? I think line dried sheets would be a simple and cheap way to subtly enhance the experience here (they really are lovely to sleep on), but so far, I'm not willing to take the risk.
Except for rain or snow (= winter temps) I line dry and in 14 years have not had any guest comment negatively. I have had a guest (our first actually who was surprised I remembered on their return) who could not have feathers near her face so I gave her a fiberfill pillow, but the line-dried linens were not an issue.
So the question is re pollen or stiff crunchy line dried sheets? Oh yeah, pollen is a bad one and bird droppings here. We have a virtual bird sanctuary with our big trees.
I line dry as much as I can, which is probably 75% during May - September, and never had a guest mention a problem with pollen.The only pollen issue is that butterflies land on my nice white sheets and leave dots of pollen which is impossible to get out.
I've had several people with the feather issue, asthma! My duvets and pillows are all down, but I have hollow fibre in reserve just in case.
And bizarrely, I once had a lady ask if we could take the potted plants out of the bedroom, because she couldn't sleep with them in the room.
We hav ea blue spruce that is enormous - the power company offered to remove it FREE when we moved here and DH said no BLESS HIS HEART! - and it is the home of myriad birds. My car is almost always decorated but so far (may it continue) they rarely get my laundry. Sheets are not stiff, especially if there is a bit of a breeze. I confess I have started using the dryer for the towels because they DO feel stiff. For me, line-dried sheets are less wrinkled than dryer-dried probably because I fergitaboudem!
Well, IDK about that. My (our) line dried sheets are *always* less wrinkled than machine dried, and I take guest sheets out immediately to minimize.
I've not had a problem with stiff sheets either unless I put them out early in the morning and left them out all day.
Well, thanks for the feedback.
We like to line dry our sheets. They get less wrinkled. Sometimes we don't have to iron them at all.