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    4am breakfast - I'm so happy

    That was so kind of you; a lot of military are also up-and-at-em very early.
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    Fire Safety

    Sprinklers can save lives. We have sprinklers, and we used to have to allow smoking in our houses (veterans' homes). On at least two occasions, the sprinklers went off, as did the alarms. Both times, smokers had left cigs burning, one in a chair, one on the back of a comode (caught a towel on...
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    my completed pond

    Beautiful! What a lovely area!
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    Thank you for saying this. As a BandB guest, I love having fresh, clean towels every day! At home, I do reuse my towels (just for me, such a luxury to have my own towels; I too grew up "sharing"). When I am away from home, I miss some things, like my own bed, but I like some things, like fresh...
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    The first "Cooking" taping

    How wonderful! Great job!
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    Know I shouldn't be but I am just SO offended!

    "No one notices what I do until I don't do it!" One of my favorite quotes, along with: "I'm the responsible one........whenever anything happens, I'm responsible!" Hope you have a better day today!
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    You can't please them all

    Doing a super job "at work" does not subtract from your family, it adds to their security. You prove that you are a loving mom every day when you get out of bed and keep going!
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    What is worse?

    That is so kind of you! I am from a military town, and many people just don't understand how early things get going here, I'm sure that your early breakfasts are appreciated!
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    Which part of ......?

    Camberly, I think that is very wise and considerate to both you and your guests! And I liked Tom's thoughts on adding to the experience while not subtracting from the convenience!
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    Which part of ......?

    But sometime it is the innkeeper who has to contact the guest. I wouldn't mind a text and further instructions, if the innkeeper knew that that was a preferred method.
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    Which part of ......?

    True, but my optician's office asked if they could text when my glasses were ready, and I loved it. Maybe just an option for some guests; to me it would feel like less pressure. Personally I would not mind a text asking about arrival times (which can change according to road conditions, etc.)...
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    Which part of ......?

    What a great idea! As an inngoer, I would much prefer a text to a call, if possible, somehow seems more casual!
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    The Economy

    HaHa! Would if I could, believe me, some of the posters on here are often in my prayers, doing my part by "staying BandB" whenever possible!!!
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    The Economy

    You are in our thoughts and prayers!
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    What would YOU do?

    Hear-hear! So often in business, as in all of life, a small percent of people can soak up a large percent of the resources (time, energy, attention, etc.); guest so loutish probably won't be missed by their fellow guests. Find your happy medium, make money but don't kill yourself doing it!