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    Internet TV?

    Well, we use a IPTV service for standard channels. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime on Roku sticks for the guests. Got a TV with Roku built in for my mom.
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    Guess I'll Keep My COVID Policies!

    We never stopped. Masks in public, always, all the time. Like many around here, only off when you are outside and no one is around. It's airborne.
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    Got our first 1 star review!

    In the long run, these horrible reviews, become something the guests want to hear, as stories of the horrors you have survived :D
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    Got our first 1 star review!

    Reply. You have a right to reply. Simply say something like "Sometimes you love guest when they arrive and sometime when they leave. Good luck in your future hotel stays."
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    "Retiring" from this forum

    Congrats on moving on.
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    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    Way to make it an extreme annoyance :) In the summer, I have to pick up the vegetables (I say veggies, but there are fruits and herbs as well, but no choice... I take what they bring) on Wednesday between 4PM and 6:30PM. I go to the super once a week for fruits and everything else. I rarely need...
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    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    I get up about an hour early to prep the food. MOH sets the table for me. If it has to be in the oven, it will need 30 minutes to bake, though sometimes more, depending on the size.
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    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    We are in our 20th or so year... 13 in this location. I used to do everything, except the BIG CLEAN. I hire in the summer for 3 hours a day. But I also learnt to do some things smarter. I don't do check-in anymore at all, it's all automated. Programmed door with code based on phone number, sign...
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    Right to refuse service list?

    Without having a long list, I'll give you the top of my DNB reasons.. the client is difficult. Now, that being said, there are few that are difficult who have a reason and are extremely pleasant... those, you want. They will stay with you through thick and thin. They will come back because you...
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    Others booking for guests

    We've had it a few times. Since we do virtual check-in, we tell them that they will have to send the information to that guest, as we can't.
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    Refrigerator Wars

    I have one for guests, with a glass door. I want to see if they leave things. On the fridge/freezer is a sign reminding them of the location of said fridge. As well as a note saying that we assume anything in this fridge, is now ours.
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    Uptick in OTA Book/Cancels?

    We have it as a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on OTAs. They stopped.
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    Bachelorette "Ceremony"

    I wouldn't take them with double that deposit. And I would tack on an extra $40 for the housekeeper, because they won't tip.
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    How to antagonize Guests in 5 minutes flat

    Which is one reason that the local organizations here are pushing to call the cops of fake ones and get them fined. And the documentation here is regulated as well... only certified training organization papers are acceptable. You can't use those "Internet" papers that anyone can create.
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    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    We used to offer the little plastic water bottles in the rooms. They cost us 10c a piece, so they were quite profitable and in cash, we sold them 2 for $1. But chasing down all those bottles was nuts. They filled the recycling bins. We had to crush them to save space. We had to pull them out of...