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    Alternative marketing ????

    OK. I am laughing so hard I'm crying. If you know me, take a minute to check out the following link. This is an on-line novel writing forum. The writer / guest stayed with us AGES ago and I've watched her story develop for almost a year now...
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    Dearest Swirt. An often thought, but not often vocalized .... THANK YOU. I think I know how much you do for this site but I am also very sure that I have no idea how much you do for this site .... so .... THANK YOU.
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    Organising Your Breakfast Menus

    Could be me. I used to do a printed menu each day. "Good Morning, I Hope You Slept Well", Fruit starter, main course or "short-order" and the weather forecast. I don't do it anymore. Short order is always an option but limitations on sanity and pocket book mean that while I will happily do...
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    Hats, hats, hats .....

    Just found their review on line. I am so very impressed with the fact that the reviewer stayed on the main-stream positive and didn't dwell on the very peronalized sillyness that made this weekend so much fun .... but may not...
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    Article today in The Boston Globe .....

    It has to be an archive shot because the spire is back on the church now .... but the shot was definitely taken from very close to us.
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    Article today in The Boston Globe .....

    ....... described us as a mansion ..... gulp. Great article focusing trips you can do from Boston - beautiful photo of the fall foliage and the harbor.
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    Tipsy, I admire you!

    Holy Cow - Thanks - but seriously, don't admire me !!! It's nothing but pig-headed stubborness. Actually it was the queen that gave me the most trouble. I had no problem moving the king mattress, head board etc down stairs or getting the queen bed upstairs, but getting the queen mattress...
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    To whoever posted the key lime pie pancake recipe

    Gotta say I'm intrigued by the whole molecular gastonomy thing. Seems like an interesting way to make the everyday into something "special". Maybe I'll experiment during the off-season. I especially like the look of those pearls / bubbles.
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    Happy Bastille Day!

    Now there's a phrase I haven't heard in ages and ages ..... oh the memories
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    To whoever posted the key lime pie pancake recipe

    Ahhh - I should have remembered it was you. Thanks so much for the recipe. Like you, I didn't worry about the streusal and moved the lime / coconut elements between pancake and syrup as I thought appropriate.
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    To whoever posted the key lime pie pancake recipe

    I'm sure key limes would be fabulous but I used a mixture of regular limes (actually just one lime) and marguerita mix. This can now be one of those recipes that I always have the ingredients in the pantry, ready to go.
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    New room pics

    Not the best pics, but you get the idea. Behind the chair is a hallway that leads to the bathroom shared with the main room. I've hung a robe and extra towels there just to help define the transition. To the right of the table and chair is a cedar closet. We'll be "upgrading" as we go ...
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    Haunted History Tours

    Very excited. Some of you know we have our ghost. I respect and like her and have chosen not to "exploit" her as part of my marketing. HOWEVER there is a local, wonderful group that does Haunted History Walking Tours and we're putting together a package for Hallowe'en and the Saturday before...
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    animal friend pics, just for fun

    The pics - and the animals in them - are adorable. You made my morning. Thankyou
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    Request to see Guest Room for future visit

    I know this doesn't help with the issues specific to this particular realtor, but I get ALOT of business during the off-season from our local realtors, usually multiple night stays and repeat guests who are looking to move to, or buy a vacation home in, the area.