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    Search Engine Ad saying No Availability - when they know nothing

    I just checked your place via Goo gle. I got the "Check Website" message. At least they updated the message. I went to your site and noticed a minor error. The pictures of your rooms stated Queen, Queen and Full but the words underneath state King, King and Queen. Might want to update that...
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    Perfectly Poached Eggs

    I have always liked my eggs full grown and grilled.
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    Yahoo Travel's "Bob & Emily" Con Continues

    I like this idea. Lay the pity on thick.
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    Liquor License

    Understood. And I have all the info you mentioned. I have five quotes from reputable insurance firms and the prices are too far part to get a reasonable idea. They are all in ballpark without alcohol. The only reason we are looking at is that the prior owner had it.
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    Liquor License

    How much does having a liquor license add to your commercial business insurance rate per year?
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    ADR Calc

    The rest of the group has asked me to keep working on the project. All but me has been to the property and love it. I am being the stick in the mud trying to show them worst-case.
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    ADR Calc

    Thank you that explanation. Because this property is a foreclosed property, no real data is available prior to the bank taking it back. They did higher a Hotel Management service to come in and keep it active so it would sell better. We are being directed by our SBA and SCORE Reps to use the...
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    ADR Calc

    opps..let's try this again 10 rooms 2 King @ $135 4 Queens @ $125 4 Doubles @ $125 Total $1270 per night if all rooms sold. So...........ADR is $127.00 correct? 1270/10
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    ADR Calc

    10 rooms 1 King @ $135 4 Queens @ $125 4 Doubles @ $125 Total $1335 per night if all rooms sold. So...........ADR is $113.50, correct?
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    New marketing "pitch"

    See them a bill for Marketing / Product Review.
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    Your mother wears army boots

    I am a heavy heal striker when I walk. I can walk in fluffy bunny slippers on grass and you can hear my coming a mile away. And while my mother did not wear Army Boots, my wife proudly did for 30 years.
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    Financial Review

    Thank bank has taken care of the property. They hired a management firm to clean up the place and keep it going. Other than that the bank is only trying to sell it. Property is good. Built in 2008, all high quality stuff. It was just that the President of the bank and the owners were in cahoots...
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    Financial Review

    Got it figured out!!!! This page of the report reflects both part of the business (Lodge and Campground). We asked for separate reports and their system can't do it on this on page. The data I need is about 20 pages deeper. Double Room 65 $83.69 $4,770.54 Queen Room...
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    Financial Review

    I just got this from the place we are looking at. It is a foreclosed property (interesting back story - the banker involved in now in jail for bad loan). Source Nights Revenue ADR Walk-In Nights 1199 $13,460.44 $15.18 Phone...