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So I guess you can only make posts that are favorable to here? Mine is no longer posted, I only spoke from my experience and said nothing that was untrue..
I have also lost posts by navigating away from the page before I clicked 'save' - on the old forum a warning was given but that is still on the 'to do' list for this forum. It can be frustrating when you've typed your heart out...
We definitely don't wholeheartedly sing the praises of - other than posters from, like John Banzcak, Eric Goldreyer and Sandy Soule, when they log on. I just had a very frustrating issue with them this week which took three days, three phone calls, one email and a promise that the next email would be copied to Eric before I got an answer on a missing deposit for gift cards. They showed a direct deposit to our account which was never processed by our bank, even though deposits before and since have been. A phone call on Monday got me a promise that it would be referred to accounting and I would be called back, a phone call late on Tuesday got me a second promise to refer it to accounting and call me back along with the feedback that there was nothing noted in my file from Monday, an email to support on Tuesday got no response whatsoever. A third phone call on Wednesday - with a discussion about the 15% commission costs and what I am really getting for that, along with the promise that my next email to go out if I hadn't heard anything by the end of the day would be copied to Eric - finally got me a return phone call in about an hour with the information that accounting would reprocess the deposit since it had apparrently failed (a month ago!) and I should see it in our account today or tomorrow. All this took a lot of my time, since it was almost impossible to speak to a human on Tuesday and I called in several times before that happened.
We have all had a huge discussion about innkeepers' dislikes of the gift card program, not the least of which is that 15% commission - which didn't seem to going to much service for me based on my experience this week.
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