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May 22, 2008
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Oh My Goodness, yes, you are right we should have DVD's or CD's of photos on hand. I never thought of that. GREAT ADVICE! Thank you thank you thank you!
Also I will check with local people about the costs of doing a b-roll.
We have a reporter coming Friday from a larger News Paper to do an article. I'll try to have at least the CD ready then.
Thanks guys!.
IF and when you get the B-roll, notify and if you are listed with tell them also. These 2 directories do more PR than any other directory.


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Jun 9, 2008
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The suggestion of having high resolution photos (300 dpi - that is dots per inch and jpg - and the minimum needed for high quality printing) should not be a suggestion. IT SHOULD BE AN ORDER!! I am kicking myself for not telling you that already.
We should ALL have high rez photos available at all times. I usually save the photos I scan into my computer as 320dpi and name them whatever32dpi.jpg so I can find them in an instant.
If you can afford to do it, having b-roll on hand is important. B-roll (beta) is what the TV programs use - as in Good Morning America, etc. If you have b-roll and can overnight it, you sometimes have a chance to be part of a promo. I have 2 rolls of b-roll but what I need to do is go get it edited - because it is raw footage and I do not KNOW what is there. Thanks for the kick. I have finally reached the position of perhaps being able to afford the editing. I got the b-roll from one as a Speed Channel filming and the other was a commercial my City & I partnered in as part of a Tourism advertising grant and when I was bargaining with the ad company, I made copy on VHS, DVD, and b-roll as part of the deal. What I am saying here is I have NO idea how much it will cost for b-roll to be made..
It's pretty reasonable to get raw footage edited into B-roll, especially with the proliferation of FinalCut Macs floating around now. I imagine if you get in touch with a local college, you can have a digital video student do it for a few dollars as ahour as a chance to get experience.
DVDs are great, but reporters love it if you have an online high res gallery (the inn photographers at Jumping Rock do this extremely well on their site), because sometimes DVDs get lost, but truthfully either one is a must have.